PayKings Promotional Discount

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 The terms contained on this webpage ( apply to all promotional offers made from time-to-time (each a Promotion) and, together with any applicable specific promotional terms, which may also be referred to as “Key Terms”, which may be set out as follows: 1. On the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion, and, specifically; 2. On the Voucher or Coupon (Voucher) redeemed following your required action (ex-opening a merchant processing account, payment gateway account) referred to as (Offer Promotional Terms), and within Paykings Privacy Policy (collectively, the Rules), form a legal agreement between you and us and can only be amended with our consent. By participating in any Promotion, You are indicating you accept and agree to be bound by the Rules.

1.2 You should check these Standard Promotional Terms and any applicable Offer Promotional Terms before participating in any Promotion and executing any Merchant Processing or Gateway services agreement, or other service offered by Paykings. Sample Offer Promotional Terms may be obtained by requesting from Paykings, but will customarily be emailed following completion of the action required to qualify, such as applying for a Merchant Account, Payment Gateway account, or other payment services.

1.3 In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Standard Promotional Terms, and any applicable Offer Promotional Terms, the Offer Promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by these Standard Promotional Terms, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.

2. Promotions and Promotion Periods

2.1 We may, from time-to-time, run Promotions and these may take the form of bonus service offers, service discounts, or a combination of any of these. The particular form of Promotion will be described, and full details set out, in the communications (such as e-mails, internet marketing, and retargeting campaigns) We issue to tell You about each Promotion (each a Promotion Communication) and/or on the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion.

2.2 The period of time during which each Promotion will run (Promotion Period) will be specified in the applicable Offer Promotional Terms. Each Promotion will automatically close at the end of the relevant Promotion Period, at which point no further participation in that Promotion will be possible. Where no Promotion Period is specified the relevant Promotion will end when it is discontinued by Paykings. Where the Promotion has the form of a rebate offer (Rebate) to be applied following a specified time period of usage of the Merchant Services, the Rebate may be applied following the expiration of the Promotion Period at the discretion of Paykings assuming all other qualifying conditions are met.

3. Promotion Communications

3.1 Unless otherwise indicated in the Promotion Communication, participation in each Promotion is open to Merchants from any of Our Platforms but is limited to one per person or organization to whom We send the Promotion Communication. We reserve the right to restrict participation in certain Promotions to Merchants who fulfill specific selection criteria. Where a Promotion Communication permits multiple Merchant participants, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to limit the number of participants.

3.2 Unless otherwise indicated in the Promotion Communication, it is intended for the addressed recipient or category of recipient only and cannot be transferred. If You are not the intended recipient or within the intended category of recipient then the offer is null and void.

4. Eligibility to Participate in Promotions

4.1 To be eligible to participate in any Promotion, You must: (a) have applied and fully executed an agreement for services offered by Paykings (b) be legally entitled to use our services or otherwise qualify (c) if the Promotion is specifically intended for Merchants who are located in a particular country as stated in the applicable Offer Promotional Terms, merchant must be located in that country; (d) unless the applicable Offer Promotional Terms indicate explicitly that a “no purchase or contract necessary” route is available and subject to section 5.2 below, have successfully completed an application and are fully approved for the relevant service (Approved Account Application) (e) satisfy any other eligibility criteria set out in the relevant sections of these Standard Promotional Terms in respect of certain general categories of Promotion and in the applicable Offer Promotional Terms; and (f) not be an Unauthorized Merchant (as defined in section 6, below);

4.2 (a) thru (f)  is referred to as (a Qualifying Merchant).

4.3 To be eligible to participate in any Promotion which is stated to be intended for new Merchants or which is described as a “New Merchant” or “sign up” offer (or similar), You must not previously have opened and had an Account for any of Our Services. Such Promotions may not be used in conjunction with any other Promotion unless explicitly allowed as contemplated in the Offer Promotional Terms.

4.4 The identity of each Merchant participant in a Promotion will be determined from all or any combination of the following: name, address, email address, credit/charge/debit card number, IP address, Merchant Identification Number, Social Security Number, EIN number, Voucher or Coupon number, and other forms of identification which may be required. We reserve the right to request further information from You if You wish to participate in certain Promotions.

5. Participation in Promotions

5.1 Participation in any Promotion is voluntary.

5.2 To participate in a Promotion, You should follow the instructions set out in the relevant Promotion Communication, on the individual web landing page for that Promotion and, where appropriate, the applicable Offer Promotional Terms.

5.3 Unless otherwise indicated in the applicable Offer Promotional Terms, entry into each Promotion may be used only once.

6. Excluded and Disqualified Merchants

6.1 Officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents of Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp LLC or any of its subsidiaries, DBA’s, parent or associated companies, or any of its or their respective suppliers or vendors, or any officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents of any entity connected with any Promotion.