NMI Payment Gateway

July 5, 2023

What is the NMI Payment Gateway?

Network Merchants, Inc., or NMI, is the leading payment gateway service that provides processing for high risk merchant accounts. It has the highest level of customization and integration in the payment gateway industry. NMI enables merchants flexible payment processing anywhere.

NMI Gateway

Moreover, NMI processes billions of dollars in payments each year, making it the trusted payment gateway authority for over 130,000 merchants worldwide. NMI payment gateways make it simple for high risk industries to facilitate and collect payments fast. Acting as a virtual terminal, this e-commerce tool is frequently used in card-not-present transactions. With instant approval and denial processes, the NMI payment gateway provides seamless payment processing.

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Payment Gateway Versus Payment Processor

While payment gateways and payment processors work collaboratively, there are core differences that separate their purpose. A payment processor can facilitate payments between a high risk merchant account and the customer’s bank. High risk payment processors work with both banks and card issuers to expedite the payment process. However, payment processors lack the capability to approve or deny payment. This results in the delay of a pending transaction in the merchant account.

When it comes to immediate payment approval, only a high risk payment gateway has the power to do so. High risk payment gateways differ from payment processors solely due to their ability to instantly approve or deny transactions. A high risk payment gateway both facilitates and dictates whether or not the transaction is valid. Giving merchant accounts access to their funds in a timely fashion, high risk payment gateways allow business owners the freedom to run their business however they please.

NMI high risk payment gateways takes payment processing one step further by preventing the approval of fraudulent transactions. With e-commerce typically being a card-not-present transaction, it creates the perfect environment for fraudulent activity. Not actually having to swipe a physical card makes it easy for scammers to process illicit payments via the internet. Nevertheless, NMI payment gateway’s immediate validation of purchase authenticity keeps high risk merchants better protected from fraud. Not only doe the NMI gateway tool feature keep your high risk merchant account safe, it also protects your inventory and cash flow.

If you are a high risk merchant deciding between payment gateways or payment processors, PayKings is here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. As a proud partner of NMI, PayKings will create a tailored a high risk solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your already existing website, mobile app, or storefront. Contact PayKings today to get a free quote for an innovative NMI solution in as little as 48 hours!

NMI Payment Processing

What Features Does NMI Offer?

The capabilities of NMI’s high risk gateway services are limitless. Merchants who establish an NMI gateway with PayKings can access useful features using a virtual control panel accessible only through the NMI gateway login. From the virtual control panel, merchants are able to comb through the functions and implement them into their high risk gateway processor. With hundreds of features ready to perform, your NMI payment gateway is ideally built to suit your industry.

NMI is proud to accept nearly every global currency giving merchants the freedom to process payments wherever they go. The NMI payment gateway can accept payments from numerous credit card companies including but not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, Apple Pay, and Discover. Additionally, the NMI payment gateway makes setting up recurring billing a breeze by safely storing customers’ data and allowing merchants to schedule future payments.

The NMI payment gateway makes running your high risk business simple using a unique feature that can manage multiple merchant identification numbers, or MIDS, under one gateway. The advanced transaction NMI interface can route online orders through various MIDS to better manage high risk inventory. Building off of the advanced transaction interface, the gateway keeps track of SKU numbers for streamlined inventory restock.

Most importantly, renowned customer service and security come standard with every high risk NMI payment gateway. A team of 180 plus experts is standing by phone and email to assist merchants with technical and gateway support. From the iSpyFraud feature to safe data encrypting, NMI offers vault-like features that keep user data private. The payment card industry compliance security standards feature ensures that merchant’s processing solutions are compliant in today’s ever-changing regulatory climate. Additionally, NMI’s software engineers are ready to optimize your gateway with the features that best suit your high risk industry.

NMI Integrations

NMI Gateway Technology

NMI offers integrations that can help streamline the consumer interface for a seamless check-out process. Integrations are provided by trusted third-party entities that specialize in certain aspects of the checkout process. NMI has trusted relations with over 150 shopping cart integrations that aid a wide range of industries checkout procedures. To complete your payment gateway, NMI offers merchants hundreds of high risk processors to choose from. Facilitate your sales with a high risk processor that is ready and willing to assume the risk of your industry. Processor integrations are designed for an array of industries to ensure compliance for high risk merchants. Some of the NMI payment gateway’s most distinguished high risk processing integrations include Card Connect, Partners, and Pay Anywhere.

The NMI high risk payment gateway can also be utilized beyond the scope of e-commerce. With integration flexibility for mobile payments and apps, NMI truly allows you to process payments anywhere your high risk business takes you. The NMI payment gateway integrates seamlessly with iOS apps and enabling purchases to be made with as little as one click using Apple Pay. NMI’s software engineers offer many SDK’s and API’s to choose from so high risk payment processing gateways integrate easily no matter which platform merchants prefer.

How Can PayKings Establish Your NMI Gateway?

PayKings understands high risk industries like none other. That’s why we align ourselves with one of the most trusted high risk payment gateway providers in the industry. PayKings is dedicated to establishing the high risk processing solutions you need to keep your business running efficiently. As veterans in the high risk industry, we understand that there is no compromise for quality and security. At PayKings, we are proud to provide merchants with NMI payment gateways for the lowest rates possible.

For high risk merchants looking to establish reliable payment gateways, look no further than PayKings. Our team of processing experts can establish your high risk merchant account within as little as 48 hours. Once you have been approved, PayKings will expertly construct an ideal NMI payment gateway equipped with the latest features and integrations that best fit your industry. As a high risk merchant, every decision counts. Trust PayKings, the leading experts in the industry to keep your high risk business safe and profitable.

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