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Firearms Payment Processing

Having trouble keeping your firearms merchant account?

PayKings can help you find gun friendly payment processing solutions for your firearms business.

Looking for a Firearms Merchant Account?

Finding a firearms merchant account is critical for running a gun dealership. One solution is to look for merchants who are recognized as an NRA endorsed credit card processing company. Companies like PayPal, Stripe, or Square, choose not to partake in the sale of firearms, ammunition, and other gun accessories.

If you are in need of a reliable credit card processing partner for your firearms website, PayKings has several merchant account solutions that are suited to your industry.


How Can I Get NRA Endorsed Credit Card Processing?

When it comes to getting a firearms merchant account, it is crucial to take the right steps from the beginning in order to keep your business running smoothly. Anyone who plans to sell firearms, ammunition, or gun accessories must first obtain a Federal Firearms License. An FFL is a federally issued license that enables the selling and trading of firearms. The FFL must be obtained first in order to legally sell firearms and is necessary to establish a high risk payment processor for your online or mobile sales.

Once you have established your Federal Firearms License, you will find that companies like Amazon, PayPal and Square still deny payment processing for firearms dealers. In order to acquire the firearms merchant account you need for your business, you must seek a high-risk payment processor.

FFL Credit Card Processing

Because  FFL credit card processing is hard to obtain, companies specializing in high-risk industries can provide the solution that you need. The success of your firearm sales business rests with speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable payment processor who can offer you unique underwriting services at the lowest possible prices. PayKings is dedicated to finding the high risk payment processing account you need with our twenty-four (and counting) NRA endorsed credit card processing solutions. With PayKing’s fast firearm account approval, your search for a high risk firearm merchant account ends here.

Be sure to ask your business development representative whether they have the ability to reevaluate your firearms merchant account type, and discover potential limitations frequently imposed upon gun merchant accounts.

Debt Collection Merchant Account

Why Is Finding Gun Friendly Credit Card Processors So Difficult?

Finding gun-friendly credit card processors for your gun-related business is indeed a challenge. Being a highly federally regulated industry makes establishing payment solutions much more difficult. Firearm businesses are unable to secure payment processing with traditional banks nor are they able to process payments online or mobile through payment processors like PayPal or Stripe.

Mainstream merchant account solutions lack an underwriting process to verify every party involved in firearm sales for their Federal Firearms License. For firearms dealers, this process is absolutely necessary to ensure the legality of the sale. Hence, PayPal, Stripe or Square simply do not want to get involved in such an industry because of the high risks associated.

Being aware of the risks associated with the firearms industry is an important step in understanding why traditional payment processing solutions are not the answer. With ever-changing laws surrounding the sale of firearms, it is important to secure a credit card processing company that specializes in the industry.

If you are in need of a merchant account solution for your firearms business, turn to PayKings, the experts in high risk merchant accounts. PayKings are the leading authorities in the industry with in-house, pre-underwriting services tailored to the firearm solution that best suits your business.

Merchant Account for Firearms

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances of Getting a Firearms Merchant Account?

As you know, firearms industry association automatically deems your business as high risk. A common misconception is thinking that this designation means your business will be unable to find a firearms merchant account. However, when sales are regulated and conducted legally with a Federal Firearms License, establishing a merchant account through a high risk payment processor is possible for your business.

As a high risk business owner, early discovery of the obstacles in establishing a firearms dealer merchant account will save you from being shut down. Understanding who the right payment processors are for your firearms business will ensure that you get the approval you need.

With PayKings, we can match you with a high risk merchant account provider that is willing to process firearm transactions for your business. PayKings offers viable solutions for high risk firearm businesses that need account approval fast so your business gets credit card processing in no time. Our payment processors are willing to accept the liability for the increased risk associated with a high risk firearms merchant account.

If you are in the firearms industry and are unsure if your specific business qualifies you as high risk, click here for a full list of high-risk merchants. Has your business been categorized as high risk? If so, do not get discouraged, PayKings, has countless solutions that will fit your firearms retail or firearms eCommerce business.

How Can PayKings Help with my Gun-Friendly Merchant Account?

From getting your firearms merchant account shut down on PayPal to establishing a new merchant account solution, PayKings is here to guide you throughout the whole process. No matter your business status in the firearms industry, PayKings will get your account recovered and approved with a brand new merchant account that is tailored to fit your needs.

Our staff of expert business developers are up to date and understand the everchanging firearm industry. PayKings knows the ins and outs of getting your firearms merchant account approved and are able to supply debit and credit card processing services for gun dealers to online ammo, gun, accessory sales, and firearms eCommerce businesses.

For years, PayKings has supported and provided firearms merchant account solutions to a variety of transaction types which include: retail, firearms eCommerce,ular (perfect for gun shows), telephone, virtual terminal, and recurring billing firearms-related companies, that include ammunition sales, gun, ammo, and accessories manufacturers, vendors, resellers of guns and gun parts, ranges, and other firearms-related businesses.

Safe Firearm Practice

If you fall into any of these firearm transaction types, PayKings has a tailored solution for your business. Every single merchant account solution PayKings offers, varies to custom suit your unique sector of the firearms industry.

Firearm Credit Card Processing

Paykings Streamlines The Payment Process

PayKings provides payment processing solutions to companies that range from firearm startups to large corporations. Being leaders in the industry, we have developed an understanding of the diverse needs that firearm merchants face. PayKings is waiting to establish a dependable and comprehensive debit and credit charge card processing solution that gives you the peace of mind you need to run your business seamlessly.

The compatibility and support offered by PayKings is unrivaled. With seamless gateway recurring billing solutions, PayKings makes it easy to maintain your subscription services. Our eCommerce cart plugin allows you to add high risk payment processing to your existing firearm website. Returning customers can make payments with one click using our vault feature that securely stores payment information streamlining the eCommerce experience.

PayKings also offers an Application Program Interface developer feature making it easier for your firearms web developers to meet goals and understand user interface. Additionally, our dedicated account managers are here to lead you through the process of not only establishing your high risk merchant account but ensuring you get the most out of your firearm eCommerce. PayKings makes firearm account merchant solutions and approvals easy and streamlined so you can get back to doing what you love.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of different firearms-related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting firearms merchant accounts set up quickly and accepting online payments.

Having trouble keeping your firearms merchant account?

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