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Secure Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processing Solutions

Firearms Merchant Account

PayKings can help you find gun friendly payment processing solutions for your firearms business.

The Challenge of Finding Gun-Friendly Credit Card Companies

For firearms businesses, securing reliable payment processing can be a significant hurdle. Many mainstream processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square don’t offer services for gun-related transactions. This is where specialized gun-friendly credit card processors come into play.

Why Choose PayKings for Your Firearms Merchant Account?

PayKings specializes in providing firearms credit card processing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the gun industry. As leaders in high-risk merchant services, we understand the complexities of firearms payment processing and offer solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Merchant Account for Firearms

The Importance of 2A-Friendly Credit Card Processors

In an industry where many doors are closed, 2A-friendly credit card processors are essential. These processors understand the firearms business and are willing to work with merchants in this high-risk category. PayKings is proud to be among the top gun-friendly credit card companies, offering robust solutions for firearms businesses.

Key Benefits of Our Firearms Merchant Account Services:

  • Specialized understanding of firearms industry regulations
  • Quick approval process for high-risk merchants
  • Compatible with various transaction types (retail, e-commerce, mobile, etc.)
  • Secure payment gateways optimized for firearms sales
  • Dedicated support from industry experts
Safe Firearm Practice

Navigating the Challenges of Firearms Payment Processing

Obtaining a firearms merchant account can be challenging due to the industry’s high-risk status. However, with PayKings, you gain a partner who understands these challenges and provides solutions to overcome them.

Why Traditional Processors Shy Away

Mainstream processors often avoid the firearms industry due to:

  • Complex federal regulations
  • Need for specialized underwriting processes
  • Higher risk of chargebacks and fraud

PayKings addresses these concerns with tailored solutions and expert guidance, ensuring your business can process payments securely and efficiently.

Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processing: Our Comprehensive Approach

At PayKings, we offer more than just gun-friendly credit card processing. Our services include:

  1. E-commerce Solutions: Seamless integration with your online firearms store
  2. Mobile Processing: Perfect for gun shows and on-the-go sales
  3. Recurring Billing: Ideal for subscription-based services or layaway plans
  4. Chargeback Protection: Minimize financial risks associated with disputes
  5. Fraud Prevention: Advanced tools to secure your transactions

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of different firearms-related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting firearms merchant accounts set up quickly and accepting online payments.

Firearms Merchant Account

Our Services


Firearms Merchant Account Experts

  • 20+ Proven Bank Relationships
  • Medium/High Risk Accounts
  • Fast Firearm Account Approval
  • Large Merchant Case Studies
  • E-Commerce and Retail Firearm
  • B2B Firearm Vendors Supported

Multiple Payment Solutions

  • Multiple E-Commerce Gateway
  • Chargeback Prevention
  • ACH
  • E-Check
  • Credit Cards
  • B2B-Level II/III Data Discounts
  • 3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
  • Mobile Payment
  • EMV Readers

Compatibility & Support

  • Gateway Recurring Billing
  • Vault
  • E-Commerce Cart Plugins
  • Developer API / Docs
  • POS/Terminals
  • International Merchant Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers
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Low or high, your risk level won’t stop you from getting a fast and easy approval. We accept and provide for a number of industries.

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