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With an ACH payment processing merchant account, we’ll get your business up and running to take payments fast. In addition, you can save money on credit card payment processing and streamline transactions with your customers.

Our ACH payment processing solutions are excellent for secure, direct-to-bank transactions. Moreover, our expert business developers and in-house pre-underwriting team ensure you get the very best and most affordable service. As a result, you can maximize profit margins and increase ROI.

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PayKings Offers Electronic Check Payments

PayKings offers your eCommerce or brick and mortar business same-day ACH also know was electronic check payments. We can get you approved in as little as 6 hours. Some customers are more comfortable paying with echecks; they should have the freedom to pay the easiest way possible.

ACH and echeck payments are perfect for startups or companies that are establishing processing history. Use this option to develop a steady stream of online payments and get prepared for credit card processing.

In addition, electronic checks are more secure and offer lower fees. If you have high processing volume, be sure to push for electronic checks in order to bring costs down and profits up.

Even better, we treat all our clients individually and we are open to creating new tools or strategies to improve our customer’s experience.

How Does an ACH Merchant Account Work?

An ACH merchant account is similar to the traditional paper check process. First, clients provide their bank routing and checking account numbers. Next, the payment is verified and sent electronically through our NACHA compliant system for an immediate transfer. In fact, businesses often use ACH payment processing as an alternative to accepting paper checks and credit cards.

A virtual terminal allows merchants to accept payments from any device with an Internet connection. Additionally, ACH payment processing systems integrate check readers to electronically deposit checks to your bank account. As a result, this eliminates trips to the bank to manually deposit checks.

We work seamlessly with any bank to make sure your electronic checks are deposited safely and efficiently. As an added benefit, with eChecks you can access your ACH transactions online to better manage your business, your payments, and your customers.

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Our ACH Accounts and Plans Feature:

  • Multiple option payment gateways
  • Free PayKings payment plugin modules
  • Chargeback alerts and management
  • Robust reporting and Fraud-scrubbing

PayKings, your preferred payment provider, are business professionals. We have established ourselves as a “one-stop-shop” for same-day ACH, real-time payments, and electronic check processing. And we help retailers of all sizes. With a focus on quality support, we built our products and services around the very best the industry has to offer. As a result, we’ve created an array of services from bill pay to funds transfer and everything in bet ween. This allows our customers to have the advantage of choosing the check service that best suits their business needs.

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What can ACH be used for?


  • Eliminate paper and automate charging with the e-Billing Option for faster payments. Similarly, you can email your invoice or click to pay by ACH or Credit Card.

Recurring Billing:

  • Set up obligation plans for customers. You and the client select the payment sum, the day of their payment, and the frequency their bank accounts will be debited. As a result, this allows for specific quantities of debits or unlimited recurring billing. In other words, it gives both you and the customer forecast and simplicity of real-time payments.

Web Transactions:

  • By putting a third party Payment Portal on your site you allow your customers the option of logging in and making payments online. Moreover, they can make a debit from their checking account or with a credit card. Additionally, it’s beneficial for customers or clients with time-sensitive obligations such as utilities, rent, insurance or tuition.
  • If you’re an e-Commerce merchant, by accepting same day ACH payment processing, you give your customers an alternate payment source. Particularly, this is useful if you sell goodwill products (for instance, wine of the month club.) With this tool, you can set up easy recurring payment arrangements or one-time buys for faster payments that come to you as real-time payments.
  • If you are a Membership Organization/Association or a Charity, members may manage their membership obligations. Likewise, they can make purchases or contributions via the web with convenient one-time debits from their bank account. Or better yet, they have the ability to set up pre-scheduled payments or donations from the convenience of their home.

Telephone Payments:

  • Give customers the ability to call in to make a payment.
  • Perfect for Billing Companies, Accounts Receivable Departments, Collections to reach a client and take payments over the phone. No missing time or opportunity.

Mobile Payments:

  • Clients can access your Virtual Payment Portal via any wise mobile, tablet or web-capable device to create last-minute payments.
  • Additionally, businesses can reach our payment system allowing them to manage their payment procedure from anywhere
  • Perfect for e-Commerce companies whose customers access the web and make purchases out of their smart mobile devices.

Ease of use:

  • Flexible and able to integrate into any system, front or back end.
  • Easy to use navigation, reporting, customer information base, single transaction, stored profile.

Simplified Billing:

  • Together with our ACH payment solutions, you pay one lowcost, the exact same low cost every moment.
  • No hidden charges!


  • Together with our ACH merchant account options, you pay one low cost, the exact same low cost every moment.
  • Completely redundant, cloud established system endorsed by the latest safety technology and placed in an off-site highly bonded facility.

No Assets:

  • We believe in our services and earning your organization, not forcing it. Moreover, there are no term contracts or termination fees.

Free Support:

  • Highly acclaimed, outstanding testimonials and an A+ BBB score for all your service requirements.

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