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Your Referral Solution For High Risk Merchants

Partner with PayKings to approve your declined or high risk merchants and expand your client base. Our experienced team of processing experts can guide you through the referral process to approve merchants fast.


  • Auto-Approval on Many High Risk Categories
  • Aggressive Residual Shares
  • Preferred Pricing for Large Partners
  • 24+ Acquiring Solutions
  • Up to 60% Revenue Share
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How PayKings Fills Your Portfolio

An agent is a liaison between payment processing companies and merchants who are seeking new accounts. Their objective is to provide solutions to clients who have a range of requirements and expectations. For many agents, who to send a deal to is dependent on their partnership agreement. Who can provide the highest commission rates over time? But occasionally, a merchant’s needs are more unique.

How To Master The Agent Role

  • Focus On A Niche

    Ecommerce verticals offer unlimited growth potential but have steep competition. Select a type of service that needs a solution different from others. Isolating an industry will help you concentrate on specific lead types and engage faster with specialized knowledge.

  • Find Solutions

    Your ISO partnership network should have all the capabilities your leads are seeking. From card not present (CNP) retail to online CBD sales, you’ll need the ability to compete in the diverse landscape of sales needs. Find solutions, expand your options.

  • Select Your Team

    An experienced team will guide you with consistent and friendly customer service. Your team should be available to you as a knowledge resource to help you answer any questions your merchant has, and guide you through the process when needed.

get mobile credit card processing solutions
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get mobile credit card processing solutions

Offer More Options

Expand your offerings, and build your approval network. Mainstream companies like Square and Stripe provide limited customer support, and restrict a merchant’s ability to negotiate. If you have a client with high chargebacks, distinct products, or services that are restricted by top payment providers, you’ll need to establish trusted alternatives.

Merchant Solutions

High risk merchants, or businesses who provide unconventional products or services, have different account requirements. As an agent, you’ll need a solution for any type of business that comes your way. Importantly, margins and rates within high risk verticals are more substantial due to the restrictions placed on products and regulations that require monitoring.

Selecting Partners That Fit the Bill

When you start a conversation with a new merchant, you’ll start putting together an informational application for the business. The basic information helps you qualify and categorize the type of services that a merchant requires. Afterwards, it’s time to speak with your payment partner.

Process driven communication is a must. Find a team who has clear expectations on information exchange. For example, PayKings Merchant Application organizes the first level of information required for processing. Beyond that, document requests from the bank or clear instructions on website adjustments need to be communicated clearly and quickly. Select a partner with processing experience and fast communication.

Approve Accounts Quickly

The best way to secure commission-based revenue is to close deals and open accounts. Merchants, brokers, and banks all want to grow their business quickly. However, some companies may have been conditioned by processors like Square or Stripe who approve instantly and reject accounts later. Although impractical for merchants in high risk verticals, this high speed luxury is often the standard they expect. Understandably, any business owner waiting to receive payments on existing sales, or whose company is in a standstill, will want to see their account up and running. Make sure your processing partner is suited to handle accounts in specific verticals, and has the relationships with banks that get approvals fast.

Collecting And Submitting Merchant Applications

After you’ve put in the legwork, vetting a merchant, selecting your partner, and collecting documents, you will submit your application. Be sure the partner you are choosing to submit the application to has the resources and experience to get approval. The last thing you want to happen is for a bank to reject your merchant. Make sure the industry and regulations of your broker are consistent with your client’s needs.

get mobile credit card processing solutions
get mobile credit card processing solutions

Why Agents Choose PayKings As Their High Risk ISO

PayKings is your source of fast approvals, top commission pricing, and merchant retention. We have an established network of domestic banking partners which service all types of ecommerce businesses from low to high risk. Where others decline, we approve. Additionally, our commission structure is lauded as a highly respectable and competitive model. Be sure your ISO partner knows how to work with merchants to negotiate better pricing as their sales grow. Staying focused on merchant needs is key to keeping accounts long term