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Mobile Payment Processing Solutions

The PayKings team provides mobile payment processing and SDK solutions for eCommerce merchants. This is an essential resource if you’re selling goods and services through mobile apps.  Furthermore, all that you need to accept a mobile credit card purchase is a mobile device, a credit card reader to validate credit cards, and a payment processing account with PayKings.

Mobile and tablet credit card processing is one of the fastest growing and easiest ways to accept credit cards

Smartphones and tablets are transforming the in-store shopping experience. In fact, according to recent consumer studies conducted globally, in 2016 mobile app revenue raked in a cool $88 billion. Presently, the industry drives around $200 billion in total annual revenue.

Ready to start using mobile payment processing through your eCommerce merchant account? Let the payment processing experts at PayKings help you accept mobile payments and wallet app payments through the PayKings payment gateway.

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Mobile Merchant Account Setup

If you are looking to set up processing for a mobile-based business, you’ll want a mobile merchant account. Accordingly, there are two parts to the PayKings Payment Gateway Mobile SDK, the end-to-end encryption system and the swipe device library:


End-to-End Encryption

The concluding encryption library lets credit card data encrypts on a mobile device before sending it into the Merchant’s back-end server. Moreover, during the selling process, the retailer’s server may send the encoded card information to the Payment Gateway, where it’s decrypted and treated just like a normal credit card.

Mobile Payment Processing

This offers the retailer more control of cellular transactions without needing to raise compliance costs. The merchant’s security key is an RSA public key that is unique to them.

This means that the encrypted credit card data triggers a transaction in that mobile merchant account. Additionally, the data is secure and quickly shares information between the mobile payment processing parties. Only the Payment Gateway has access to the private key that corresponds to the public key. Furthermore, card data encrypts with AES encryption with a new randomly generated key for every single card. This key is encrypted using the public key in addition to the card information. Next, the package (the encrypted card and AES key) is unreadable to anyone without the private key which is only known to the Payment Gateway. Note: The public key can’t be used to decrypt an encrypted card. Once encrypted, the card is unusable except by the Gateway when it processes the payment for the retailer. For this reason, there’s not any need to maintain the public key a secret.  

Swipe Device Library

This library supports the encrypted card readers supported by the payment gateway. Including, parsing the data and telling you if a card reader connects or disconnects. It also says if the card is ready to swipe, and more. Your mobile merchant account comes equipped with security and essential features to help you streamline payments.

Don’t Miss Out On Mobile Payment Processing Opportunities

Starting out with the right mobile payment processing solutions for your merchant account makes accepting in-app mobile purchases seamless. As a result, you can grow your business and achieve new markets by providing mobile payment options. Many times the approval process can be quick and many companies like PayKings provide free quotes to set up on our mobile SDK payment gateway.

Our assortment of online, real-time payment processing options allows you as an online retailer, the opportunity to expand your business to mobile devices seamlessly.

Mobile Merchant Account

PayKings Mobile SDK Payment Gateway Supports

  • Android Mobile SDK
  • iOS Mobile SDK
  • IPS Enterprise and IPS Encrypted Card Readers
  • iDynamo
  • IDTECH Shuttle

Mobile Advancements

Recent advancements in mobile technology have allowed consumers to shop online and make payments via mobile wallet apps. In turn, mobile credit card processing is now more accessible, convenient and secure.

With PayKings’s advanced mobile merchant account solutions and EMV card readers, merchants can accept major credit cards, debit cards, and even checks from their smartphone or tablet. In addition, processing transactions using our gateway mobile app can help to improve customer service and increase sales wherever your business takes you.

Easy Mobile SDK Solutions

Mobile credit card processing is easy. Our mobile processing products allow merchants to enter credit card information, manage accounts and reporting, and send receipts through email.  Best of all, it’s from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. Moreover,  our solution is compliant with strict PCI standards and security solutions. Including, chip card functionality, point-to-point encryption, and tokenization. Altogether, these help reduce the risk of compromised data. No credit card data is stored on your device, so you can accept credit cards securely anywhere you go.

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