Adult Dating Membership Accounts

August 6, 2023

Adult dating memberships have increased substantially over the past decade. What started out as an industry with social stigma is now a booming enterprise for online stores. In fact, a large number of millennials and gen Xs are getting in a relationship with a spouse or partner that they fulfilled online. Although there are some big names in the industry like Tinder, Christian Mingle, or, there is still a lot of room for growth. Niche dating sites are gaining traction, and with growing demand there now are over one thousand websites looking to bring singles together.

Though matchmaking is one of the oldest industries in existence, it’s a new era. The payment processing world is seeing a rise in searches on the topic. From queries like fast approvals for dating sites to top payment processors form my dating app.

What is an Adult Dating Membership Merchant Account?

Dating ApplicationsAn adult dating membership account is one that processes payments for online dating services. These accounts are provided by specific banks and ISOs who understand the regulations and risk associated with the industry. These websites are often considered high risk because of subscription membership offerings, chargebacks from the occasional unhappy dater, or because they sometimes try to offer more than just a dating service.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible for online dating merchants to acquire a merchant account. It is often the case that companies like Square or Stripe decline accounts in these verticals, but there are other options. There are many other valid methods of acquiring a genuine merchant account.

PayKings has relationships with acquiring banks that help you get approved fast for your online dating merchant account.

Adult Dating Payment Processing

It may be tough to imagine a time before the conveniences of phone app dating. These days, developers and daters alike lead the charge on changing the relationship business. Matchmaking through fast-paced selection and filtering is the status quo of a new generation. In reality, a January 2018 Statista survey demonstrated that 12 percent of 18-29-year-olds acknowledge being in a relationship with a spouse or partner they met online. Additionally, there are currently over 1,500 dating programs or sites drawing single people to their services, merchandise, and algorithms that bring people together. Though matchmaking is a journey for compatibility, online dating is changing the groundwork of the environment.

Adult Membership Payment Gateway

Products and sites for adult entertainment are usually deemed high risk ones. And with this categorization, there are specific tools and integrations that share common features. Each payment gateway company varies in their abilities and requirements. Some of them might not work with adult themed sites whereas others provided payment processing services after a risk review takes place.

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