Best Firearms Software for Gun Merchants

August 14, 2023

Top 5 POS Software Programs for Firearms Merchants

Do you own a gun store and need some new software? Finding the right software can be confusing. Because gun shops are heavily regulated at all levels of the government, keeping everything secure and organized is paramount. Luckily, we have compiled a shortlist of some of the best firearms software out on the market today!

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POS software for gunsDesigned specifically for gun shop owners, the Epicor software enables firearms retailers and any other Federal Firearms Licensees to ensure that they are in ATF compliance. It does this through an automated A&D bound book management, audits, and reconciliations. This software solution also enhances the service to customers by streamlining the processes and kiosk-enabled customer forms. Epicor caters to gun merchants and takes them to the next level by helping them to save an average of $7300 in labor costs and around 368 hours of logging and reviews.


Celerant is a high-quality gun shop software that includes shooting range software and POS systems that have been serving the firearms industry for over two decades. Being one of the premier firearms dealer software in the United States, Celerant gives retailers the ability to leverage integrated A&D book, e4473 and digital waivers, and the ability to easily import products from vendor catalogs, and use them to upload products to 3rd party marketplaces such as GunBroker, Armslist, Amazon, etc. They can help you streamline your accounting and provide top tier information to your firearm bank account.

Windward Software

Windward SoftwareWindward’s motto is “gun shop management made simple”, and they deliver on this promise. Their gun store software is designed to be an all-in-one business management system that will allow a user to do anything they need to, like process payments, manage inventory, accounting, and maintain customer records. Windward has tailored their system to provide more functionality catered to gun businesses and their unique needs. Their system aims to help businesses achieve higher profits, lower overheads, and improved customer service.


Aimed to be very affordable, the Gearfire can help single store operators with their All-In-OneTM, while larger, multi-store businesses can opt for the Gearfire POS for all of their needs. With eCommerce and accounting capabilities, this system also has some of the fastest in-store transactions with the POS register, plus easy reports and a simple Quickbooks integration.

Gun Store Master

Gun Store MasterLast on the list but certainly not least, Gun StoreMaster was built from the ground up for any size of gun store to help them stay ATF compliant. It is trusted by all sizes of FFL retailers, from some of the largest chain stores to simple weekenders. With Gun StoreMaster, you can easily simplify the ATF compliance burdens and dedicate more valuable time with your customers. This software is very user-friendly, and even comes equipped with video tutorials and a great customer service system. Gun StoreMaster is so confident in their systems, they even offer a free demo for gun shop owners to try out.

Running a gun store can be stressful in itself, but luckily finding great software to help you do it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great options out there on the market today, and you are sure to find one that will fit your every need!


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Kyle Hall CEO

August 14, 2023 | Merchants | Kyle Hall