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Can I Get A Cannabis Merchant Account?

March 16, 2023

Cannabis Merchant Account

There are many things to consider when trying to obtain a cannabis merchant account. For one, each state has different laws and regulations surrounding the sale and distribution of cannabis products. The legalities and brand associations are the principal concerns for banks and financial institutions. Even for medication such as pharmaceuticals, there can be challenges. Existing pharmacies that are online now have to acquire cannabis payment processing solutions custom to their needs. Age verification and THC content can also become an issue. But not to worry, PayKings has solutions that can help these merchants find out if they qualify, and stay ahead of changing regulations.

How Does Cannabis Payment Processing Work?

Cannabis Credit Card ProcessingWe understand that cannabis payment processing is a struggle to obtain. You have enough to deal with as you’re building and developing your business. PayKings is here to help you find the answers you’ll need to sell cannabis-related products online.

Additionally, each of our processing banks is conscious of the products you’re selling. We can get you fast and seamless approval for your business. With no hidden fees and a straightforward application process, we take you through each step of the process and submit your business package to the bank.

What Cannabis Merchant Solutions Are There?

We have partnered with US banks that have accurately processed debit and credit cards to give dispensaries the ability to process credit cards. This applies to storefronts, delivery drivers who need wireless components, as well as wholesale centers where they require larger transaction sizes.

Is it easier to get a CBD, hemp, or cannabis merchant account?

Cannabis Merchant ProcessingCBD payment processing is considered high risk, but the industry has been growing year-over-year. See our CBD merchant account page for more information on this process. In contrast, hemp merchant accounts are dependent on the type of hemp used. There are many versions of this plant product that appear in everything from clothing to cigarettes.  Cannabis merchant accounts are the most regulated. With few solutions and laws changing constantly, it is extremely important that the best payment processor is chosen for your cannabis credit card processing.

Cannabis Paraphernalia Processing Solutions

We offer solutions for products within these niches like vapes, glassware, and paraphernalia. Follow the link for more information on accessing a vape merchant account.

We offer payment processing solutions for those that qualify for a cannabis merchant account. Moreover, we help ecommerce businesses that sell merchandise that would fall into this category. This can be for both card present (swiped) and card not present (keyed) transactions. We help your business learn the ropes about high risk cannabis processing and find you the solutions that work best. Whether it’s debit and credit card payment processing or ACH approval, you’ll have a custom account to fit your needs.

How can people contact PayKings for Cannabis Credit Card Processing?

Clients can contact us to learn more about PayKings cannabis credit card processing opportunites. Or, for those that know they need our services, you can click here to fill out a fast and free QuikQuote.

PayKings is the most reputable and knowledgeable payment processing company for your merchant account needs. We understand the unique needs of different cannabis businesses and have established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become the experts we are in getting cannabis merchant accounts accepting online payments.

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Kyle Hall CEO

March 16, 2023 | High Risk Merchant Account | Kyle Hall