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Do You Need Background Check Merchant Account Solutions?

A background check merchant account is classified as high risk for a variety of reasons, making it difficult to find a reliable processing partner. But PayKings specializes in working with high risk merchants and we have multiple acquiring banking partners that offer background check merchant accounts.

With millennials overloading the workforce and the financial market, now more than ever this generation are getting loans to buy homes, and cars, and applying for credit cards.

Knowing your credit score and fixing possible issues on your credit report is an important and necessary tool for everyone. Because of this, the background check industry is growing, and you can expand your market share with an online presence. PayKings has multiple options for you and we make it simple to obtain a background check merchant account in as little as 48 hours.

Have You Lost Payment Processing for your Background Check Merchant Account?

Lost Payment Processing
Chargebacks are quite common when it comes to background check merchant accounts and this can happen for a number of reasons, but regardless of why, these chargebacks will categorize your business as high risk – which just means that your background check company will need a high risk merchant account. For more on the most commonly abused reasons for a chargeback dispute and how to fight chargebacks, click here. The biggest complaints from customers who file chargebacks against background check merchant accounts are due to the members either only wanting to try a deeply discounted first-look period and then chargeback the fees that come once the discount ends. It also occurs when members think the background check merchant accounts will provide a specific type of generated report or service to them and are disappointed when their expectations end up not being met and they issue a “failure to deliver” chargeback.

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances for Getting a Background Check Merchant Account?

The main reason to make sure you have the right background check merchant account payment processing for your business is to avoid the chances of your merchant account being shut down. The bank can close your account and hold funds, even without notice. This means you have no way of selling your services, it stops all cash flow entirely, and the money from the background check merchant account services you sold could be held by the banks for months.

When you start off with the right background check merchant account, you increase the prolonged longevity of the account. The bank’s underwriting or due-diligence does not end after the account has been opened. There is ongoing risk monitoring that is associated with all merchant accounts. So if a background check merchant account has been opened under false pretenses or the business model is deemed high risk after the fact, expect the account to be closed. Alternatively, starting out with the right background check merchant account betters the odds that the acquiring banks will be more lenient.

Additionally, if a customer requests cancellation of a recurring transaction that is billed periodically (monthly, quarterly, annually) from your background check merchant account, always respond to the request and cancel the transaction immediately  – or as specified by the customer. If you don’t want to fall subject to a credit card chargebacks, advise the customer in writing that the service, subscription, or membership has been canceled and be sure to state the effective date of cancellation. Failure to respond to customer cancellation requests almost always leads to a chargeback.

How Can PayKings Help with Your Background Check Merchant Account?

As the world gets increasingly cashless, offering your customers an alternative to cash or check is paramount. Some benefits of starting a high risk merchant account would be:
  • Improved cash flow direction
  • Capability to accept recurring payments for services provided on a regular basis
  • Increased earnings
  • Avoid possible losses from bounced checks
  • Greater customer convenience and satisfaction
Background Check Merchant Account
PayKings can get your high risk background check company a merchant account quickly and easily. Additionally, PayKings understands the ways to keep costs for your business low and your high risk merchant account in good working order; one of which is to be diligent in keeping your chargeback ratio low. A few of the strategies that background check merchant account businesses can put into place to assist in reducing chargebacks are:

Respond to requests to cancel a recurring transaction

If a customer requests cancellation of a recurring transaction that is billed periodically (monthly, quarterly, annually), always respond to the request and advise the customer in writing that the service, subscription, or membership has been canceled.


Have a great customer service help desk

A place where calls and emails are answered in a timely fashion and disgruntled customers receive solutions to their issues internally rather than through their credit card company.

Make sure the payment descriptor is your merchant name

If the customer doesn’t recognize the name that appears on their statement, it is unlikely they will know what the charge was for. To avoid a chargeback dispute, the solution is to be sure your descriptor reflects what the consumer will recognize.

For more on how to avoid credit card chargebacks, click here.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of different background checks related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting background check merchant accounts accepting online payments.

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