Looking for a Merchant Document Preparation Merchant Account

Document preparation businesses require high risk merchant accounts. We provide payment processing for law firms specializing in doc prep services like certified bankruptcy lawyers, divorce documentation, and will preparation. Look no further than PayKings; leading experts in getting your document preparation merchant account approved fast.

Document Preparation Merchant Accounts

Document preparation, also known as “doc prep”, is a lucrative industry for legal businesses. With many different types of services from certified bankruptcy, divorce paperwork, will preparation, and more, there is an abundance of services that fall into this prosperous industry. Your company may be considered high risk due to the brand association and enhanced regulations involved in the fields.

Why is Document Preparation High Risk?

With increased laws and restrictions emerging for each different type of document preparation type, there are many challenges these businesses face. In terms of payment processing, banks tend to stray from industries where there is a higher chance for chargebacks or legal concerns. Intrinsic in the doc prep field, is a legal groundwork of regulation. Clients contact law firms in order to provide services on matters relating to financially precarious situations such as divorce and bankruptcy. These issues pose a difficulty for companies when it comes to finding a payment processing account.
Here is a list of major reasons my document preparation companies may be considered high risk.
  1. MoTo Transactions: An abbreviation for Mail Order / Telephone Order, MoTo payments are considered higher risk because a person is not physically present when making a payment. Most lawyers will bill a client for time or services through the mail, and the payment is made either via phone call or mail-in check.  These types of transactions are less secure than card-present forms of payment.
  2. High Ticket Sales: Legal fees are never going to be a low-cost product. Most firms bill for time and accrue large sums over the course of a project or case. When due, these payments may be difficult to make, especially in the case of someone who just lost money from a divorce or filed for bankruptcy. Additionally, there is a chance that friendly fraud can occur. When a client refuses to pay or claims the services provided weren’t up to par, they may file a dispute. With fewer higher dollar transactions, a companies chargeback ratio can quickly change.
  3. Service Businesses: It’s difficult to enforce payment with businesses that provide a service. Due to the ambiguity of a service, a client can say it wasn’t performed at all, or not well enough. Moreover, document prep business are often in unique verticals. They can work on government grants, student loan combinations, and even debt consolidation.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of different document preparation related businesses and has established a 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become an expert in getting document preparation companies accepting online payments.

Looking for a Merchant Document Preparation Merchant Account

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