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Need a Male Enhancement Merchant Account?

Opening your own business takes an enormous amount of effort and planning in order to achieve success. This is especially true for male enhancement companies, those that need to balance customer needs with working in complete compliance with industry regulations and laws. To succeed in this industry, male enhancement merchant accounts rely on credit card payments from customers to be able to make money and support their company growth. This applies heavily to websites and online stores for male enhancement merchant accounts that require a partner for online credit card processing that will ensure these merchants are paid fast and their clients are able to get what they need without delay. Supplement Merchant Processing
That being said, a male enhancement merchant account is classified as high risk. This can happen for businesses in this industry for a variety of reasons and can make it very difficult to find a reliable processing partner. PayKings specializes in working with high risk merchants and we have multiple acquiring banking partners that offer male enhancement merchant accounts.

How Does Being High Risk Affect my Male Enhancement Merchant Account?

By its nature, operating a male enhancement merchant account presents several challenges for its’ business owners. Along with labeling and advertising regulations put on several different products and supplements, there are also rules for providers of these merchant accounts to think about prior to working with these firms. Supplement Merchant ServicesSome items may have an uncertain legal position, which may potentially open up the company and its credit card processor to higher rates of chargebacks than is desired. Because of this, these challenges can make it difficult for companies to find a reliable and experienced payment processor that’s willing to provide male enhancement merchant accounts. Male enhancement businesses are often labeled as high risk right out the gate by banks and lenders factors that include being a reputational risk, potentially acquiring too many chargebacks, and even because it is such a highly regulated industry.
The more traditional financial institutions may not know how the industry works well enough and therefore may not want to take the chance with their money. Furthermore, there is a greater risk of chargeback filings due to how products are purchased and paid for. High risk merchant accounts are essential for the male supplement industry. If you’re having trouble finding online credit card processing and have been advised that your business is too high risk, PayKings is here to assist. We understand the in and outs of the penile enlargement businesses and will work with you to provide solutions and get you a customized quote that meets your special company’s needs.

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Why Does this Matter and How Can PayKings Help with Getting a Male Enhancement Merchant Account?

With present and rising regulations looming in the penile enhancement industry, it makes building a company difficult for their owners. Regulations, restrictions, and rules for merchant account providers may put more pressure on business owners to make sure they are operating within the guidelines and doing so successfully. Because of these numerous challenges, locating a payment processor that will approve a male enhancement merchant account is incredibly problematic. Banks frequently brand penile enhancement companies as high risk for a number of reasons. Most merchant account providers don’t fully comprehend the way this industry works, which causes many banks considering them high risk to decide not to approve their applications for male enhancement merchant accounts. However, PayKings can have you approved in no time. If you have had trouble obtaining credit card processing for your male enhancement merchant account for your online store or your company location, PayKings has solutions for you.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of the different Male Enhancement related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting Male Enhancement merchant accounts set up quickly and accepting online payments.

Looking for an Male Enhancement Merchant Account?

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