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Multi Level Marketing Merchant Account

  Beginning in the 1980s, the direct selling market took off with multi level marketing (also known as MLM) companies selling everything from cosmetics to kitchen tools to lingerie. MLM is when somebody becomes a product supplier and gets paid a commission on the sales generated by other vendors that he or she recruits. Individuals associated with direct selling companies aren’t only qualified to purchase products at a discount and then resell them at a profit, but that person also sponsors other individuals to sell. According to the Direct Sales Association, 5.3 million people are now building independent businesses and small companies as direct vendors in the multi level marketing industry. Of those individuals, 800,000 of them work full-time while 4.5 million work part-time.
That said, in order to keep this very profitable business structure successful, these individuals will need to secure credit card transactions by applying for a multi level marketing merchant account for their MLM business. Get approved for a multi level marketing merchant account for your MLM company in any of the following products and services:
  • Beauty
  • Novels
  • Clothing
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Home Products
  • Antiques
  • Toys
  • Wine
Keep in mind that a multi level marketing merchant account is classified as high risk. This classification comes from a variety of reasons, making it difficult to find a reliable processing partner. PayKings specializes in working with high risk merchants and we have multiple acquiring banking partners that offer MLM merchant accounts.

Here’s a Common Scenario

Something that is often seen with those who apply for a MLM merchant account is frequent chargebacks, which makes this specific industry high risk and less likely to get approved by traditional banks for payment processing. Because there are so many potential legal issues associated with multi level marketing merchant accounts, chargebacks become a huge issue. Why is this? Well, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for businesses in this industry to close unexpectedly or to have clients who seek out refunds and chargebacks upon discovering that the products being sold are imitation, useless, or inefficient.
Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Services
A time-tested and traditional tip-off into a pyramid scheme is any company plan that rewards new distributors more cash for recruiting new vendors than the actual selling of the products themselves. Those business models that are true “scams” have given this industry a bad rap; those with vague company descriptions, continuous reminders that the organization is legitimate, and a deficiency of goods are automatic red flags that the company is a brand new scheme. For all these reasons and more, it can be increasingly difficult for legitimate companies to be approved for a multi level marketing merchant account and therefore are unable to receive a means to secure payment processing.

Why do I need a High Risk MLM Merchant Account for my Multi Level Marketing Business?

Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account
This past year alone, a record 20.5 million people were involved in MLM within the United States alone, which was a 1.5 % increase from the previous year. Last year saw the second greatest grossing earnings in MLM history. Direct retail sales were estimated at $35.54 billion in 2016, according to the Direct Sales Association. Even within this growing and lucrative industry, banks don’t want to take a chance on approving multi level marketing merchant accounts. Legal risks, the possibility for excessive chargebacks, and the unpredictable growth patterns leave MLM companies in the high risk category with traditional financial institutions.
These high risks do not mean that these companies won’t be able to process online and mobile payments. What it does mean is that they need to seek payment processing from a high risk merchant account provider, like PayKings, who specialize in multi level marketing merchant accounts and credit card processing. Many high risk providers charge a higher per-transaction fee and impose processing limits on multi level marketing merchants, but experienced providers like PayKings utilizes its excellent customer service and customized payment options to compensate for almost any of the drawbacks. To learn more about high risk merchants and apply for payment processing, click here.

Why Does Needing a High Risk Multi Level Marketing Merchant Account Matter and How Can PayKings Help?

Because not every multi level marketing company is a law-abiding establishment, the business has a reputation for being unlawful, which makes them high risk.

If someone makes money exclusively based on the number of people they recruit as well as the earnings made by them, the MLM business is probably a pyramid scheme, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Pyramid schemes are illegal and cause lots of individuals to invest a massive chunk of cash only to ultimately lose their investments. Alas, many of the products and services in this business are fraudulently marketed and illegal activity is rampant in these businesses, making it very difficult for those who are running legitimate businesses to get payment processing.

Due to how many products are fraudulently marketed, underwriters want to make sure companies are promoting quality products that aren’t overpriced, have questionable merits, or are harmful to consumers. These are the underwriting factors raised when considering a multi level marketing merchants account for approval and access to credit card processing.

PayKings works hand-in-hand with MLM merchants on not only getting them approved for payment processing, but also for underwriting their application in a way that specifically addresses the needs of your particular business model.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of different Multi Level Marketing related businesses and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting MLM companies accepting online payments.

Looking for an Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Account?

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