Terpenes Merchant Account

May 15, 2023

A terpenes merchant account is essential for selling this unique cannabis-related product online. Much like CBD and THC, terpene oils fall into a highly regulated industry. Because of their associations with cannabis, many payment processors place terpene merchant accounts in the high risk category.

Terpene Merchant Account

Although the regulations for cannabis and terpenes are constantly changing, it may be difficult to find a mainstream merchant account for your online store. Companies like PayPal, Square, and Stripe, try to stay away from businesses that have unstable federal legal frameworks. Moreover, if you use one of the instant approval processors like the ones listed above you may be at risk of getting your account dropped or payments frozen.

Terp High Risk Merchant Account

Terpenes Payment Gateway

A terpenes payment gateway allows your e-commerce site to connect to your merchant account. It’s an integration that you can plug into your shopping platform like Shopify to communicate between the customer and your bank. Be sure to find a terpenes merchant processor that makes the integration process easy and straightforward.

Once you have your gateway up and running, you’ll be able to accept credit cards from your online customers. The gateway runs in the background so there is no need to worry about updates or constant maintenance.

Terpenes High Risk Merchant Account

As mentioned before, selling Terpenes qualifies you for a high risk account. You may have to pay a slightly higher premium often around 4% overall. But the cost is worth the peace-of-mind you’ll get when selecting a merchant solution that’s customized to your industry.

As your sales increase and your business grows, you’ll be able to lower your processing costs. As you’ll see in your application process, your payment processing team collects specific details about your business. From the duration you’ve been operating to your average ticket price. All of this information is used in the underwriting stage.

Terpine High Risk Merchant Account

Products Containing Terpenes

The terms terpenes, terpenoids, and terps are being used interchangeably. There are several products within the CBD, hemp and cannabis that contain terpenes.

Here are some product types that contain added terpenes:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Flower
  • Hemp Oil
  • Cannabis Distillate
  • THC Products
  • CBD Distillates

May 15, 2023 | Merchants | Guest Post