THC-O Merchant Account

July 13, 2023

THC-O Merchant Account

The hemp, CBD, and cannabis industries are continually being explored and developed by entrepreneurs. With all of this progress, THC-O is one of the newest cannabis products hitting the market, which means business owners need to obtain a THC-O merchant account in order to process payments for THC-O products.

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THC-O Merchant Accounts

THC-O Merchant Accounts

THC-O, CBD, Delta 8, hemp, and other cannabis related products all have one thing in common in the financial world. That is they are all classified as “high risk” by banks and other financial institutions. As a result, these business owners must find particular payment processors who offer THC-O merchant accounts so they can even sell THC-O.

From these high risk payment processors, cannabis entrepreneurs must secure a THC-O merchant account so customers can use their debit and credit cards to purchase these cannabis related products. In order to sell any product within the THC family, you must get a high risk merchant account. More specifically, when you set up your payment processing officially, you will need a THC-O merchant account.

Delta 8 vs THC-O

Delta 8 has caught the CBD industry by storm. THC-O seems to be catching on quickly as well. THC-O is another branch from the common cannabinoid that all cannabis products are derived from. Just like Delta 8, THC-O products come in the following types:

  • THC-O Vape Cartridges
  • THC-O Tinctures
  • Edible THC-O
  • THC-O Gummies
  • THC-O Capsules

Delta 8 vs THC-O

Delta 9-THC vs THC-O

Interestingly enough, THC-O is said to be more powerful than the traditionally known cannabis counterpart, THC (aka: Delta 9-THC). However, despite being reportedly stronger, THC-O is more legal than Delta 9-THC. Both are well regulated, but THC-O has seemingly been easier for cannabis entrepreneurs to sell.

THC-O has a different legal status than cannabis products such as Delta 9 THC because it is derived from hemp. In addition, there is still debate about whether THC-O is “synthetic THC” under federal law. The mainstream THC many are familiar with is still considered a controlled substance and illegal, so it is important for TCH merchants in general to find payment processors that can help you navigate these cannabis law waters.

HHC Payment Processing

HHC Payment ProcessingHHC is another cannabinoid that is non-synthetic. It is reported that HHC acts similar to CBD but also produces a euphoric feeling for the user. So, being in a similar classification as hemp, THC, and CBD, HHC is also considered high risk. Therefore, getting HHC payment processing and payment solutions for THC-O through a high risk processor is crucial for long term success.

HHC is federally legal. It is legal in 38 states. Delta 9-THC is federally illegal and illegal in most states. Delta 9 THC is only recreationally legal in some states but is also medicinally legal in others. Clearly the legalities of all of these cannabinoids and THC related products is complex. Each product has a different law attached to it.

THC-O Payment Solutions

Ultimately, you’ll need experts in the industry to help navigate the specifics when it comes to sustainably processing payments for your THC-O shop. All high risk merchants require and benefit from THC-O payment solutions from a trusted high risk payment processor.

Luckily, PayKings has over 10 years of experience making sure THC-O merchants and many other high risk merchants continue to process debit and credit cards online and in-store.

July 13, 2023 | High Risk Merchant Account | Guest Post