What Is MTOT Disc?

May 14, 2023


MTOT Disc stands for merchant account total discount fee, and it may appear as a fee on your monthly account statement. Some merchant processors have used it in the past as a way to surreptitiously add extra fees to merchant statements.

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MTOT Disc On Bank Statement

MTOT DiscBefore we dig into the banks who charge this fee, and why some of them make it less transparent, you need to know about MTOT Disc.

MTOT is part of the monthly statement deduction by the bank. It’s their direct cost. This deduction may stay hidden and customers might not know until they are looking back at yearly expenses.

Nonetheless, some banks choose to reveal their fees upfront and make merchants aware of the different types of charges they’ll incur as a customer.

The matter gets more complicated when a merchant is trying to figure their monthly expenses. Instead of steady monthly fees, the deduction is sometimes made yearly.

Are Processing Fees Transparent?

Processing FeesBefore you sign up for a merchant account, the bank should disclose fees upfront. In regards to the MTOT Disc fee, it’s common that a merchant was uninformed while registering for a credit or debit card account.

The charges range from bank-to-bank and person-to-person. A common range for the fees is from $40 – $150.

Nevertheless, they instate this as a processing fee, incubating the client’s trust. If you want to report an issue with the charge or create a dispute, be sure to do so within 60 days of it appearing on your statement.

MTOT Disc and BankCard USA

MTOT Disc BankCardMTOT Disc and BankCard USA have a history together. This company uses this term along with BTOT to display certain fees. BTOT stands for Banking Total.

The disclosure of this deduction impacted many customers when the statement showed debiting above $150.

MTOT Disc Meaning

  • BTOT and MTOT have become line items. With MTOT being the monthly total, BTOT is the bank total.

Authorization Fees

  • You shouldn’t confuse the authorization fees with the electronic authorization. Electronic authorization is for online payments via credit card.

Monthly Fees

  • If you notice a “monthly fees” deduction, the transaction is mostly from accepting credit cards through your merchant account.

Annual Fees

  • To help you monitor your account fees, update the account setting to show annual fees each invoice. It is roughly around $40 per year for each, debit, or credit.

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